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Hey guys!

First of all I’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year on behalf of all at basementpeople.com, we hope that you had a nice month of December and that 2017 will bring you everything you hope for! We’d also like to thank Two Door for the magic they brought to 2016, and wish them everything they deserve for 2017.
On a more personnal note I’d like to thank our new team members, Maybrit, Olivia and Ellie who joined us in 2016, for their love of the band, their enthusiasm towards the site and all the hard work they’ve put into to making this fan site the beautiful and friendly place it is. I’d also like to thank Joe and Alexa for everything they’ve done for the band and the site over the last year, or should I last last few years!

Now, back to business. I’m sure seeing the band live is amongst the many things you guys hope for in life, and luckily enough they’re on the road again!

As you know, the band had been touring before Christmas, promoting their new album. Well, after a well deserved break, they’re back on tour. Their first gig of the year is happening tonight in Seoul! I’m sure the band were pretty excited as things were, but some of you guys shared your amazing love and talent with the band, and I can only imagine how they feel now!


Thanks for the awesome presents basement people! Korea FTW

Une photo publiée par Two Door Cinema Club (@twodoorcinemaclub) le

How amazing is this?! I mean look at that cake! Such perfection. As for the book, you can see a little bit of what’s inside it in one of Kevin’s latest Instagram stories. Can I just say it really is surreal to see how big the basement people fan base is, and how something that only started out as a fun idea is now being used on the other side of the planet?! To whoever made these beautiful gifts: Thank you!

The band have a few more dates in Asia before heading back to the UK for a pretty big tour that starts at the end of this month! Then they’re playing a few shows in Europe (Paris, anyone?). After that they’re playing some festivals pretty much all around the world, no doubt they’ll be annoucing more of those soon enough! Let us know what gigs you’re going to and once you’ve been do send in your stories/photos for the site!

Now, just a quick word on the documentary: What did you guys think of it? For those of you who missed it, the bands documentary “I Saw The World Today” by Babysweet Sessions was premiered on the 16th of December last year, and is now available to watch online:

I really enjoyed it, there’s something so familiar about hearing them talk about their work, though I must say I was expecting something a little bit longer, after all they had released quite a few short clips from it. But hey, it was still beautiful to watch and listen to as well as being very enlightening. Let us know what you guys thought on twitter!

I’ll be touch soon, until such time stay well, basement folk!

Much love,

Two Door Documentary!
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How is everyone? I haven’t been on in a while! For those who celebrate Christmas, are you guys looking forward to it? Here’s a gift idea: This band called Two Door Cinema Club released an amazing third album called Gameshow back in October. I’m sure everyone you know already owns it but hey, you never know!
How about you guys send in some Christmas themed Two Door art work? You guys are so talented I’m pretty sure you could create anything! If you’d like to share something for the site, get in touch with Olivia!

Now, for the big news.. As anyone who follows Two Door on social media will know, the band have recorded a new documentary with the very talented babysweet sessions. They’ve released quite a few short extracts of it in which they discuss various topics, which have made us very excited for what was and is to come (the trailer was released weeks before Gameshow was released!).
Well, I’m delighted to say that I Saw The World Today is being premiered..today! (Can I say finally?)

I’ve been waiting for this almost as much as I’d been waiting for the album. I love Gameshow and couldn’t wait to hear the bands new material, but seeing them, hearing them discuss where this record came from is so important, as I truly believe that who they are as people is more important than who they are as musicians. It’s these wonderful people who bring us wonderful music, after all.
Anyway! To finally see I Saw The World Today, here’s what you need to do:

The documentary premiers at 5pm GMT, so be there basement people!

Talk lateeer!

End of the US Tour & Announcements
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Hello everyone,
it has already been over a week since the official end of the US & Canada Tour.
In the last weeks they played 12 shows in North America, one of which was live streamed, and also played some songs live during their interview with KCRW while they were in Los Angeles.
It is not over though! Today the guys announced that they will be coming back to New York next May. The pre-sale for their tickets starts tomorrow at 10am ET.


They also announced that they are coming to Sweden next year in September for Popaganda!

Next year on January 7 their tour goes on, starting in Asia for five shows and later going on to their UK and then their European part of the tour. Are you planning to go to any shows ? Let us know on Twitter.

As we have been mentioning we are updating our site, especially the Made in the Basement section, so if you would like to share your fan-art with us, or if you post covers of TDCC’s songs, don’t hesitate and contact us, we would love to showcase your talent on the site.
I hope you all have a nice day,
talk soon,

Made in the Basement Covers featuring Adrian and Jeremy
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Hi Basement People,

Lately we have been mentioning our Made in the Basement page, such as the wonderful fan art you guys have been submitting! Thanks so much again to everyone who sent in you work! You can view all of the art here, and if you want to send in your work please contact us.

Moving on, I’ve seen many Two Door covers online recently, and we would love to feature them on Made in the Basement! For example, Adrian and Jeremy have been running an amazing YouTube channel for the past three years, and regularly post videos ranging from TDCC covers to tutorials and live streams. They are so talented and passionate about the band and it’s great to see.

Adrian was kind enough to talk a little more about what his and Jeremy’s work:

“Jeremy and I have been on YouTube since 2013 and we would cover our favourite bands off camera and decided to cover all of Two Doors songs when we saw that very few songs of theirs were covered. I knew that from the start our goal would be to share our love for the band by playing their songs and dedicate a channel to them so they can hopefully see it one day, all while building a small fan base for ourselves. We completed covering all of TDCC’s songs and moved to covering other bands like Last Dinosaurs, Foals, and Phoenix, which gave our viewers something to watch while Gameshow was being created. Now we have started covering some of the new songs off the album, most recently being “Bad Decisions”. Unfortunately, YouTube has made it difficult for us now to post covers due to copyright issues but we will continue to try our best to post them since this is our passion and we love to share it with everyone. I have recently joined a band and will be posting our own music on the channel towards the beginning of the year as well. We are so thankful for all of the support throughout the years and I cannot wait to show everyone what we have in store next. Big shout out to the basement people for reaching out to us and sharing our channel, we welcome any new subscribers and hope you enjoy all the Two Door covers :)” 

What they do is amazing so you should definitely check their YouTube channel out! Here’s their beautiful cover of Bad Decisions:

Jeremy also filmed this fantastic tutorial of Are We Ready? (Wreck):

Here’s also their cover of Cigarettes in the Theatre, one of my personal favourites!


We would absolutely love to hear some of your TDCC covers. Contact us or get in touch with me though Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Email if you want to submit your work and we will put it on our Made in the Basement Fan Covers page. All of your music will be greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to Jeremy and Adrian for letting me featuring them on the site.

Talk soon, and I’m looking forward to your submissions!



Ordinary: Track of the Day
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Hello everyone,
two weeks ago it was revealed that Ordinary was the forth single of Gameshow.
Today the guys announced that it is the Track of the Day on BBC Radio 1,
which means that they will play it during every daytime show!
So, if you are tuning in to the radio, or listening from their website you are in for a treat.
If you are unable to listen to it on Radio 1 or want to hear the song right now, remember that you can also stream it on Spotify.

In other news, Gameshow has been added to RadioX’s list of The 25 Best Albums Of 2016 . What an honor!

I hope you all have a nice day,
talk soon,