More birthday wishes.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the latest Two Door and Basement People news. I did however wish to take a few minutes today to wish our favourite bass player a very happy birthday! Thanks for everything Kevin; your talent, your humour and everything else you bring to the band is what makes Two Door so unique, we all hope you have a great day and enjoy whatever you guys get up to!


Hopefully the boys will upload some photos or videos of the celebrations online, like they did with Sam. Until then (we do look forward to seeing them), again, happy birthday Kev!

I’ll be in touch tomorrow guys, until then you lucky ducks living in North America can start pre-ordering tickets for Two Door’s North American tour! More info here.

Until then, keep spreading the Two Door magic.

North American Tour!

Hello basement friends!

I’ve a few updates for you today. First of all, Two Door have announced yet another North American tour! They even released a proper video with all the dates, check it out:

Pre-sale tickets will be available on Tuesday at 10am local time, the password is GAMESHOW. General tickets will be on sale on friday. Who is hoping to go where?! Let us know on twitter!

Though this is great news for a lot of fans, it also means us Europeans but also fans from everywhere else that isn’t the US or Canada will have to wait a bit longer to see the band live again! Unlucky ducks as Two Door say. I’m hoping for a few gigs mid December, just before Christmas? They may be tired after touring North America but hey, a girl can dream!

In other news, I believe Two Door are to debute Bad Decisions live at Lollapalooza. If you’re lucky enough to be there, do let us know how it goes down! If not, no worries:

Speaking of Bad Decisions, a question I’m sure a lot of us have been asking ourselves and possibly each other has been answered by our favourite drummer Ben: Is that really Alex singing on the new track? Well folks, yes it is!

As for the site, some of you may have seen that we’ve been slowly updating it. We’ve started putting together a page for album three Gameshow as well as some individual song pages for Are We Ready? (Wreck) and Bad Decisions. I’ll be updating the discography over the next few days and will finally be able to use some of the wonderful things I’ve been sent by e-mail, be it advice or actual content (song lyrics for instance). Thanks again for your help guys, if there is anything else you would like suggest for the site let me know (call your e-mail “ needs me” and I’ll get back to you asap)!

I’ll be in touch soon enough guys, perhaps with a video of a live performance of Bad Decisions? Until then, keep being the best fan community out there!

Love to all,

New song – Bad Decisions!


Two Door released yet another song from Gameshow today.
They tweeted about it only hours ago, needless to say it came as quite a surprise!

If you missed the first airing of Bad Decisions, don’t worry! The band have uploaded the audio to their youtube channel. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

I know I keep saying this, but I think it’s great. Everything they have released so far is so good and it just keeps getting better and better.. It’s fair to say they have outdone themselves with the song! Though I loved and still love Beacon, I see what they mean now about playing it safe. They’re trying a lot more things, musically and lyrically and well it’s just amazing isn’t it. I don’t know what Gameshow holds for us but the more we hear of it the more excited I am to hear the whole thing!

Let us know how you feel on twitter.


In other news, Sam liked one of our birthday tweets the other day, so hopefully he saw our birthday post too! Again, we hope he and the boys had a great day celebrating! I’m sure we can expect more birthday posts soon enough with Kevin and Ben’s ones coming up.

sam bd tw

Well..what a lovely way to end the day (or start the day, or begin your basement people are worldwide aren’t we!), thanks for that Two Door!

Lots of love basement peeps, keep in touch!

Happy Birthday Sam + Two Door documentary.

Hello hermanos and hermanas!

On behalf of everyone at (and basement people everywhere let’s be honest) happy birthday Sam! Thank you so much for everything you bring to Two Door Cinema Club and the basement people, be it music, foot movements or food related posts. It’s so hard to believe that they were younger than I am now when I first saw them live almost six years ago.. I hope Sam has a great time celebrating! It looks like he is anyway..

If you have any birthday wishes you’d like to share with Sam via the site, get in touch!

In other news, you may have seen that Two Door are indeed releasing a new documentary, once again thanks to the very talented Babysweet Sessions. We correctly guessed a while back that the photos and videos the band had been sharing via social media were a part of a new Babysweet project, Two Door have been sharing some of it online:

How excited are you? I obviously can’t wait to see and hear them again, but I’m especially looking forward to getting an idea of what they had been up during their time off, what it did for them on a creative level and what getting back together and writing Gameshow was like. I truly believe this documentary will help us understand a lot of what album three will be about, and also how the band have changed as people and musicians. Let us know what you think of what we’ve seen so far on twitter!

I’ll be in touch soon folks, until then keep being amazing!

Are We ready? (Wreck) Video!

Here it is guys, the music video to Are We Ready? (Wreck)!

I absolutely love it. It’s so good to see them together again in a new music video, and I think this one is one of their best so far. It fits the song perfectly, I especially loved the “Mind of Your Own sold seperately” caption at the bottom of the screen at 1:54. It has such a strong meaning and I feel it can be applied to a lot of things, consumerism and so much more. It’s nice to see the band standing up for what they believe in and showing us how they feel about the world we live in, be it through a song or in a video.
I also realised on watching it for the second time that the last scene was what could be seen on the live stream just before we heard Are We Ready? (Wreck) on BBC Radio 1 for the first time!

TD vid

What do you think? Let us know how you feel on twitter!