Ordinary: Track of the Day
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Hello everyone,
two weeks ago it was revealed that Ordinary was the forth single of Gameshow.
Today the guys announced that it is the Track of the Day on BBC Radio 1,
which means that they will play it during every daytime show!
So, if you are tuning in to the radio, or listening from their website you are in for a treat.
If you are unable to listen to it on Radio 1 or want to hear the song right now, remember that you can also stream it on Spotify.

In other news, Gameshow has been added to RadioX’s list of The 25 Best Albums Of 2016 . What an honor!

I hope you all have a nice day,
talk soon,

More site updates
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Hiya basement people!

As you now know, there are a lot more of us on basementpeople.com! Our new team have been doing a great job helping out on various aspects of the site. We’ve got a beautiful new website, some fun new posts and pages and you don’t have to hear from me every other day, it’s a win-win situation!

Our latest update is our Made in the Basement section. Olivia posted a fantastic selection of art work earlier on today and can I just say I was amazed. I hadn’t seen any of it before it went up so I was as surprised as you guys surely were. Such talent! If you’d like to share your work on the site, contact Olivia via twitter or instagram! You can share art work, a video, a cover.. If you’d like to send in some photos for our “Basement People and the Band” or “The Basement People” sections you’ll also need to contact Olivia as you can no longer upload directly to the site!

fullsizerender-36See what I mean?! (This one is by Olivia herself!)

We also have a fan remixes section. Do you guys think we should keep it? Is that something you’re interested in creating and/or listening to? We don’t have any remixes on it at the moment, so let us know what you think we should do with it!

Thank you once again for being such an amazing fan community and helping this site live with your wonderful contributions! Enjoy your month of December folks, hopefully a lot of you will get to see Two Door in the new year! We may even meet each other somewhere along the way..

Talk soon guys!

Your Fan Art
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Hello everyone,
For a while we have been working on updating our site, and one aspect of that is the Made In The Basement section.
Over these last few days we have received some beautiful Fan Art from some of you guys and wanted to show it to you all! Thanks so much to everyone who submitted their work though Instagram, Twitter, email and Tumblr. You are all such a talented bunch, so you should definitely check the page out.

Here is some of the wonderful work you guys submitted!


Some lyric art of What You Know by Mark Mallinson, we love it!


Alex by Forgetfuldisarray_art. She is incredibly talented for her age, so follow her Instagram page here to see more of her work.


Here’s some lovely digital art by Chris! We had to include the drawing of Sam in a dinosaur onesie too, it’s so cute. They also run a TDCC fan account on Instagram, follow here.


Lillifir sent us three watercolour portraits of Two Door, including this one of Kevin. They are all so pretty, thanks for sharing!


Aberdeen2024/nothingbuttwodoors  submitted nail art to us, including this one of Alex. The detail is amazing, she is very talented.


Here’s some more digital art by Bruce. We love the style of it, thanks for submitting!


Isoro-art and Bruce also collaborated to make this masterpieceBruce sketched it, and Isoro-art coloured it.

Sam by Felix

Felix submitted this lovely digital art of Sam! It makes us as happy as he is there.


Wonderful inked and digital art by Holly, the detail is fantastic! Support her on Talenthouse and Facebook.


I (Olivia) also submitted some work, hopefully it’s up to standard!

Again, thanks so much to everyone who submitted their work. It’s a privilege to have your art on the site.

If you’d like to share your work on the site, contact Olivia via twitter or instagram! You can share art work, a video, a cover.. If you’d like to share a photo of yourself for our “Basement People and the Band” or “The Basement People” sections you’ll also need to contact Olivia, you can’t upload directly to the site!
Talk soon,
Maybrit & Olivia.

KCRW Live Stream & Rio Announcement
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Hello everyone,
today at 11:15 am PT the guys were on KCRW in LA to answer some questions and play some songs.

You can watch the performance here:

They talked about Gameshow and performed eight songs in total.

They also anounced on Twitter that they will be headlining Circo Voador on 28 March 2017 in Rio de Janeiro.

Talk soon,


Ordinary Single
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Hello everyone,
today Two Door announced on Twitter that Ordinary is the forth single of Gameshow!

You can buy it on iTunes, or listen to it on Spotify here:

In other news, the guys are half done with their US & Canada Tour. If you are going to their show in Chicago tonight don’t forget to tag your photos with the #TDCCChicago !

For anyone coming down to @AragonBallroom tonight, tag your photos from the show using #TDCCChicago 📸@marcialeeder

Ein von Two Door Cinema Club (@twodoorcinemaclub) gepostetes Foto am

The tickets for their added European Tour show in Utrecht at the Tivoli on 28 February 2017 went on sale today so if you plan on going make sure to get some.

We are looking forward to updating our site more and would love to get your help for the Made In The Basement section. If you want your Fan Art featured on the site please feel free to contact us.

Talk Soon,