UK tour updates & a basement people challenge!
UK tour updates & a basement people challenge! avatar

Hello again basement friends,

A few hours have passed since Two Door announced their UK tour, so I think now is a good time to discuss it. We’re still excited and yet the first few moments of euphoria are behind us.

If you missed the big news, check our their tour announcement video below and all the info about tickets etc here.

How do you feel? A lot of you seem very pleased and excited, what with having waited so long for these dates to be announced! A few of you are disppointed however, especially people from Northern Ireland from what I’ve gathered. I imagine a lot of you were looking forward to a Belfast date, Northern Ireland being a part of the UK and Two Door’s home. Worry no more fellow basement people! The band were replying to some facebook comments this morning after posting their tour announcement video and they seem to be working on more dates! They couldn’t fit everywhere into this tour but are hoping to play Northern Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland and Wales as soon as possible!

In other news, Gameshow is out really really really soon now!
To help us wait, the lovely Olivia has put together a little game. It’s called the 15 days of Gameshow Challenge, and well..I’ll let her explain how it works!

I think this is a great idea. It will help us wait until October the 14th and will also allow us to get to know each other better and more specifically our tastes when it comes to Two Door and everything related to them!
I’ll definitely try and take part in this. I might not be able to do so every day and will probably post my answers on the site as I don’t use social media that much anymore, so feel free to check the site out every few days for my answers! If you’d like me to share yours on the site too I will do so, just let me know!

That’s all for now guys, talk soon!

UK tour!
UK tour! avatar

It’s finally here basement people, Two Door Cinema Club’s much anticipated UK tour!
Check out their tour announcement video, narrated once again by Sam:

Are they playing anywhere near you? Did they leave any cities out? What date(s) are you hoping to go to? How far will some of you have to travel? Let us know on twitter!
No Irish dates announced this time around..still waiting for those guys!

Keep in touch basement people, and who knows..we may see each other next year!

UK tour announcement – tomorrow at 10am!
UK tour announcement – tomorrow at 10am! avatar

Basement people of the UK (and possibily Ireland), only a few more hours until Two Door finally announce their UK tour!

The much anticipated UK tour will be announced tomorrow morning at 10am GMT! I’ll be online of course, waiting for the big news but also for your reactions! So many of you have been waiting for this for so long.. I wonder if we’ll get another video with Alex’s voice this time? Let us know what gigs you’d like to go to tomorrow!
They usually announce UK and Ireland dates together, so I’m really hoping a few Irish dates will be a part of the tour, I’m definitely going to one of those!



Until tomorrow guys!

Competition time & an upcoming UK tour!
Competition time & an upcoming UK tour! avatar

Basement amigos & amigas hello!

I’ve a few things to share today. First of all, something fun for us basement people. Two Door seem to be organising a little competition via social media.

Who has entered? And what gif did you chose? There are so many to chose from, though no bad decisions possible! Anyone who follows us on instagram will know who my favourite character from the video is, so it comes as no surprise that this is my gif of choice:


As for proper band news, Two Door may be finally announcing their much anticipated UK tour, if their social media accounts are anything to go by anyway!

What cities are you hoping will be a part of the tour? Are any of you planning to travel around the UK for one or more gigs? I’d love to come to a UK gig this time around. I’ve met so many basement people online over the past six years and a lot of you are in the UK so it would be such an amazing thing to meet some of you and see Two Door with you! Let me know what gigs you’re hoping to go to, who knows, we may meet up there!

In other news, Two Door are currently working on their setlist. With album three on it’s way they just can’t fit in all of their usual songs anymore. What songs do you think they should keep? What do you think should go?


I love all of their songs of course, but if I had to take some off the setlist I’d remove Do you want it all? and This is the life as I said on twitter earlier on today. I was never a huge fan of Wake Up either so I suppose I’d that that one off also. I’d definitely keep Handshake, as I mentioned in my post on Rock en Seine they didn’t play it that night and I did miss it. I’d also love for them to keep Something Good Can Work, Sleep Alone, Next Year and of course Undercover Martyn because it’s a great song but especially because it’s our song, the basement people’s song, and even now, years down the line, I still take great pride in singing “to the basement people, to the basement!” during live shows. Let us know how you feel on twitter!

That’s all for now guys, I’ll be in touch soon!
Much love,

Listen to Two Door on BBC Radio 1!
Listen to Two Door on BBC Radio 1! avatar

Hey guys.

The replay from last night is now available!
As you know, Two Door were with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 last night. They answered a few questions and played three live tracks, more info here.

You can also listen to the full programme here, the Two Door roll call starts at about 20:20 and the basement people get a mention at 20:26, enjoy!


I hadn’t realised Jacob was with them last night, so this photo was a lovely surprise! Now that I think about it, of course he was there, but as BBC Radio 1 hadn’t shared a picture of him last night on twitter along with the others I just assumed it was the (fantastic) four of them! I think the five them are fabulous together. If you weren’t able to listen in last night, do so now and let us know what you think!

In other news, Kev liked one of our tweets last night, more specifically the one about us getting old.

It’s always nice to get support from the band, even if it does mean facing the realisation it’s been over six years since the release of Tourist History.

It was great fun to share yet another big Two Door moment with you guys, so thanks again to everyone who tweeted along with us!

I’ll be in touch soon guys.
Much love,